Software Download
  • Client (Mailbox For Windows) Download

    Software release time:2019.01.15

    Full support for Coremail account data synchronization is provided, with a better application experience. Provide a full range of information security protection, while around the enterprise efficient office closed loop, support multi-platform collaborative processing.

  • Client (Live Chat For Windows) Download

    Software release time:2019.01.15

    A stand-alone instant messenger tool allows for efficient internal communication and quick access to the right people. Around the enterprise office scene, the summery, discussion, schedula reminder, file transfer and other functions have been designed to make the office easier and more efficient.

  • Client (Live Chat For Mac) Download

    Software release time:2019.01.15

    The integrated mailbox feature allows users to easily handle both mail and chat messages.

  • Enterprise Address Book Plugin (Coremail-Plugin) Download

    Software release time:2018.06.21

    The address book plugin is suitable for Foxmail, Outlook common client to synchronize enterprise address book.

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